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Paddington awakes Christmas Morning to some wonderful

                 surprises at the end of his bed.


          Baking a Cake

The Carrot and Cherry Cake is a must.
Benjamin is our chief Chef with his own secret recipe!
Findley samples the minced fruit pies - he's behind you Benjamin!

         Three Wise Cavies

We'd be fibbing if we said we didn't enjoy the presents!
   We like giving them too though! We like to follow the
                traditions of our ancestors.

The Visitor

               Zak drops of something nice for Holly ...


        A great way to come down the mountain and much more fun with two!


             Cavy Choir


When all is quiet, we like nothing better than a spot of Carol

Singing. Franklin has a lovely Baritone voice, whereas Molly

                         is a yodelling Soprano!

           Cavy at the window


         We enjoy the Christmas Lights and the scent of fragrant pine.

            Not sure about that strange being in the garden though!


                Flying Carpet

  The enigmatic Guinea Pig with no name on his magic Flying Carpet!


              The Gardeners

    Gardening, or more specifically 'harvesting' are popular guinea pig

    pastimes.This is Quentin and Rodders helping out  and, or helping



            The Wedding

Weddings are taken very seriously and the celebrations can go on for days ...

Jamie found his time in the spotlight as page boy a bit daunting, but Sophia

was very proud to be a bridesmaid and judging by her haughty expression,

             she may trip over her own ego if not her dress!


             The Golfers

             And they like Golf (Findley cheats though!)


         The Blues Band

   Late at night they like nothing better than visiting their

     favourite Jazz Club to hear Findley's Blues Band.

          If you listen carefully you might hear them ...


           The Beach

    They enjoy swimming, water sports, sunbathing and

          especially broccoli and carrot ice cream.



       Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

       Sakura is a very modest and shy lady. We spotted her walking

       amongst the cherry blossom and managed to take this picture

                                     with a 200m lens ...


                  Pigs do Fly     

                Who said pigs can't fly? Here's proof that they can!

                  Piggy Party

                  Piggies know how to party, dancing the night away.


     Picnic at Coleman's Farm

These guinea pigs and rabbits work at Coleman's Farm on the Isle of Wight.

        They spend their days being fussed and petted by many visitors. 

  It does get quite tiring so, at the end of a busy day, they like nothing better  

              than sneaking off to the woods for a relaxing picnic!


                Mother's Love

     After a walk together in the forest the Family settles down for some

                                        Mother's Love!

      The perfect gift for Mother's Day and any other day of the year!


  Meerschweinchen (Sea Piglets)

While at a guinea pig event in Germany I heard this name and the translation. 

   I immediately thought of this image and sketched it on the terrace of my

                                Hotel that same evening.


           Marbles takes a bath

                After a long day in the garden, Marbles enjoys his a

                          lovely aromatherapy bubble bath!


             Love is in the Air

                             Guinea Pigs fall in love just like us!


                 Cavy Catwalk

               More flamboyant pigs such as Madame Bon Bon,

                          however, like to strut their stuff!


              Autumn Pannage

     This was a Commission to paint 33 pigs, two rabbits and a dog

     in an Autumnal setting.The finished piece was 30 x 22" and took

           four months to paint all these big personalities! 


                 Fairy Shoes


        If you can see the Fairy shoes it means you believe in Fairies!