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Caroline was awarded an HND in Graphic Design from the Berkshire College of Art & Design. Since graduating, she has enjoyed a long career in the greeting card industry and has been a freelance illustrator for the past 27 years. Her commercial work widely known nationally and internationally, and she has wide fan base as the creator of the unique Guinea Pig collection 'Out of the Hutch'. During Carolines earlier career she painted many soft, fluffy bear designs which led her to becoming a Simon Elvin artist. She designed wallpaper for Coloroll and her Space Shuttle border and Space wallpaper designs are still being sold to line young boys bedroom walls nine years on. Since moving to the Isle of Wight in 2002, she has been honing her fine art skills and is an accomplished portait-painter. Her recent inspiration is depicting magical beings. She paints mainly using gouache, as she feels that this medium is perfect for creating images that are soft, yet vibrant and colourful. Her focus is to capture the innocence, beauty and magic that is all around us. "My portfolio is incredibly varied and I can tackle most things, but I suppose my inner child still has free reign which is why all my work has that Picture Book quality. We all need an escape from the tough reality of life and my images can take you to a better place of nostalgic childhood memories, or belief in better times ahead. Sunny days, smiley faces, the beauty of nature and a hint of fairy dust."