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Planning of the Book 'The Flying Carpet'

I wrote the story some time ago, so I have been musing on the illustrations for a while. Firstly, I made a storyboard of the imagery that came to mind as the tale unfolded.
The next stage was to translate these sketches into actual pages marrying up the text and drawings to work together and to flow as the pages turned. For this, I drew up several roughs of the pages with little scribbles to play around with dynamics, perspective and editing to bind the ideas together.
The next stage was a dummy. just a tiny one at first, to translate two dimensional thoughts into a tangible working model and to continue editing page numbers and layout for the most pleasing and co-cohesive result. 
Once I was pleased with this, I made a larger dummy with tighter roughs of the planned paintings and married up the text using the font I felt fitted the story and re-edited everything.  Along side this process, I photographed relevant references. Now I'm ready to start painting.
The finished book is nearly ready to go to print! It will be so exciting for me to hold an actual real book in my hands after all the planning and imaginings. 

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