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Journey of a Commissioned Painting

Guinea Pigs Illustrated Children's Book Out of the Hutch Update to all Fans

Back in April this year one of our valued customers, Steve Smith, asked if it was possible to commission a very special painting for his partner's 50th Birthday. 

At the time I was very busy with the Out of the Hutch Business, but I was very touched by the story of the subjects 'Fat Boy and Ginge' and I really wanted to paint them. I explained that it would take a while as I would have to work on it alongside other commitments and Steve said that it had to be a kept secret from Rach and so our clandestine project began. 

The two special piggies, Fat Boy and Ginge, actually belonged to the next door neighbours. One day they appeared in Steve and Rach's garden and spent more and more time there, until the situation seemed permanent and Steve built them a home. Although they were both  girls, Fat Boy's new name was taken from the film 'Run Fat Boy, Run' after the robust lady being observed trotting around the garden!

We had long conversations about their personalities (Ginge being quite shy and anxious whilst Fat Boy was the scene stealer) and Steve shared many lovely photos and film clips and also an outline of how he'd liked them pictured infront of their hutch.

I so enjoyed creating this painting and became totally caught up in all the excitement surrounding Rach's Birthday and all the lovely surprises Steve had in store for her as well as the painting, which Steve presented at her Birthday Dinner on a trip away (brought by their friends as another surprise) 

A lovely experience where I made two new friends along the way. 

Steve's Story

I would like to share with all of you reading this, all about our amazing picture commissioned by Caroline with a short story of our journey from ‘Under The Hedge’ to ‘Out Of The Hutch’.

We were gifted with 2 very special Guinea Pigs that appeared from ‘Under The Hedge’ into our garden a few years back. We took them into our hearts and our home.

Unfortunately, age took them from us to the Rainbow Bridge, this is when I started looking for a special gift for my partners 50th  Birthday and I came across ‘Out Of The Hutch’.

I purchased a couple of items from OOTH over a couple of weeks and I received an email from Caroline thanking me for the return custom, it was then that I had a thought and asked Caroline If she would do a commission for my partners 50th Birthday later in the year.

Thankfully she said she would, it was and has been a wonderful experience working with Caroline to have this Pigture created for us, starting from a draft sketch of an idea I had of what I would like (garden scene/hutch etc.) which Caroline visualised amazingly well, she worked from photos and videos so she could feel and capture our GP’s personalities on to the canvas.

We had many conversations in secret (away from my partners ears to keep this a surprise) over the creation of the Pigture, we cannot thank Caroline enough as she had plenty to do with the publishing of the wonderful book ‘The Flying Carpet’.

We hope to meet up with Caroline one day to thank her in person for the commission and because I feel I can now call her a friend (hope you don’t mind Caroline).

Much Pig Love to all

Steve & Rach

Click the links below to watch the sequential journey of how Caroline created this beautiful commissioned artwork.



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