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But Why Guinea Pigs?

Out of the Hutch is a series of whimsical images depicting the secret life of the guinea pig. A soft and colourful happy world rendered in gouache where guinea pigs fly, swim and have many adventures! But why Guinea Pigs? As a lover of guinea pigs Caroline wanted to be able to buy cards etc bearing their images, but there was nothing available, so she decided to create her own range! It began with Findley, a present from her dear friend Peter Gurney. Findley was the most amazing guinea pig and her first free ranger (he had free run of the house!) It was the fact that Findley used to take himself upstairs to visit the girls that she visualised and painted him skiing. She drew much inspiration from this for Christmas cards to send her clients and Findley Skiing became the first Out of the Hutch design. Caroline has drawn inspiration from her previous designs featuring bears as greetings cards for various companies. Available to purchase The Out of the Hutch collection is published as Greeting Cards, Shoes, Rucksacks, Cushions, Aprons, Towels, Shoes, Mugs, Duvet Covers, Shower Curtains, tote bags, Chairs, Framed and mounted fine art Giclée prints and much more. Visit her online shop to see her beautiful collection. You can even grab yourself an original! 

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